Terms and Conditions


01 Month Free Handling

T-Codez will take care for the security and management of your website for "01 Month" after the delivery date. After the said time period we will not be responsible for any issue in your website. You can avail our service of website handling, updating and optimization by buying Quarterly, Six Monthly, or Annual plan which will be cost as Rs.5000, Rs.10000 and Rs.20000 respectively.

Third Party Vendor

After handing over the website credentials, if any third party vendor/developer or the user himself will do changes/addition/deletion/editing etc on the website, then it will be completely on the user/customer's end. T-Codez will not be responsible for any loss of data or issue that may occur on your website.

Recovering the website

Due to any third party issue, hacker attack, malfunctioning of any plugin, or if the free handling time period of 01 month is over, and the website goes down then following service charges will be charged:
1. Rs.5000 to recover the website from hacking attack.
2. Rs.2000 to re-upload the website and database.
3. Rs.8000 to redesign the website if required.

WordPress Theme Pricing

The price of WordPress theme will be charged separately. If you want to have a site on the previous version of the theme then we can do so, but, in future we will not be responsible for any compatibility issues.

Basic Tutorials

We will only provide the basic tutorials for the handling of your website. But, we are not liable to and it is not the part of our any website project to tutor the client for website editing or handling. You can view the tutorial videos on our "Tutorial Videos" page.

Backup of your website

All the data of our sites are placed on our servers. Although our servers are of latest technology and are up-to-date, but still these are machines which can do malfunction at any time. So, to take the backup of your site time to time is so important. The taking of backup of the sites is at the customer's end. We will definitely give you the credentials of your cPanel and website. You can login by using these credentials to take complete backup of your site. Also, a step by step video regarding how to take the complete backup of your site is available at our "Tutorial Videos" page.

Renewal of Web Domain & Hosting

It is advised to all of our respected customers to renew their website domain and hosting well before in time before the said date of expiry. It is to be stated that all the cost for the renewal of web domain and hosting will be charged in advance. Also, after the expiry date, we will upload the site and activate it, but, it will be charged as Rs.2000 additional as service charges.